Luxury Living Room Set

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Sofa (Image 1 & 2): 93.3″W x 41.3″D x 41.1″H

Love Seat (Image 1): 70.8″W x 41.3″D x 41.1″H

Chair (Image 1): 49.2″W x 41.3″D x 40.1″H 

Square Coffee Table (Image 1): 47.2″W x 47.2″D x 19.6″H

End Table (Image 3): 31.4″W x 31.4″D x 22.8″H

Chase Lounge(Image 4): 76.7″W x 37.4″D x 35.4″H

Single Showcase (Image 5): 31.4″W x 22.8″D x 81.8″H

Floor Cabinet (Image 5): 85.4″W x 23.6″D x 28.3″H

Coffee Table: (Image 5 & 6): 47.2″W x 31.4″D x 19.4″H 


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